The aim of this project is to promote and facilitate the integration of professions and health practices and provide an access point for those with an interest in the industry.

FunctionalHealthInfo.com will provide a comprehensive resource guide for information regarding professional recognition, training and health events across the country for clinicians, trainees and the general public.

Who we are

Ben Atkinson, the founder of FunctionalHealthInfo.com, is a nutritionist with the core belief that a holistic and functional approach to health in wellness is fundamental to optimal well-being.

The pioneering efforts of Dr Jeffery Bland and colleagues have paved the way for a patient-centred functional medicine approach to chronic illness. Focusing on correcting underlying biological systems rather than symptoms to achieve a desired clinical outcome. This has led to the realisation that the conventional model of treating chronic illness and common everyday ailments may not be the most favourable approach - at least not in isolation.

It is becoming more accepted that the collaboration of allied and complementary health practitioners can provide a more well-rounded approach to health care than the current framework and the cooperation between medical professionals seems to be strengthening. General Practitioners across the country are becoming aware of this growing model through the Institute for Functional Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine and progressive medicine movement. It seems we are on the precipice of a paradigm shift towards an integrative functional medicine approach to modern illness.

Functional medicine practitioners, nutritional therapists, nutritionists, dietitians and CAM professionals all provide unique perspectives on patient-derived treatment protocols. The common goal of all health professionals must be considered greater than the differences that so often prevent collaboration. It is imperative that the myriad of conventional, complementary and allied nutrition professionals unite in order to prosper in the changing landscape of healthcare.



With gratitude,


Ben Atkinson